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BuddyBoss | App

31 out 2022|

The BuddyBoss App plugin allows you to sync your community and courses into a native mobile app. Supercharge your courses with mobile learning to give your students access to your schools platform wherever they go. Make your community mobile with lightning-fast social media apps built with the same technology used by Facebook and Instagram. Create

Hookturn | ACF Advanced Forms Pro

30 out 2022|

Build powerful & extendable front-end forms using Advanced Custom Fields. Manage posts & users, build simple or complex forms, & connect your ACF Forms to external services. Advanced Forms is a powerful form builder which takes advantage of the flexibility of Advanced Custom Fields. It gives you access to the full set of field types

WP Grid Builder | Pods

30 out 2022|

This add-on adds support for Pods plugin. WP Grid Builder natively works with WordPress custom fields. However, if you use a dedicated custom fields plugin like Pods, the values may be stored in such a way that they require additional processing to properly filter the content. This add-on supports all field types generated by Pods

WP Grid Builder | Bricks

30 out 2022|

This add-on integrates WP Grid Builder with Bricks plugin. It adds 2 new elements for Bricks in order to easily add grids and facets in the editor. These elements are rendered in the editor for a better experience compared to shortcodes. Facets offer the possibility to filter several elements from Bricks. This add-on also improves

WP All Import Pro Gravity Forms

28 out 2022|

Support for all Gravity Forms field types with powerful customization options. Set up an import for all of your site's content in the time it takes to create a single post. Import data into Drop Downs, Radio Buttons, File Fields, and more. WP All Import automatically validates and transforms data like dates to match Gravity

WooCommerce Merge Orders

26 out 2022|

The Merge Orders extension allows you to combine multiple customer orders so you can process and ship them as one. Why merge orders? The most common scenario for needing to merge orders is when you receive multiple orders for the same customer. Merging and shipping them as one package provides multiple benefits, including: Reducing costs

Bocil – Children Kindergarten Elementor Template Kit

25 out 2022|

Bocil é um kit de templates para Elementor construído para jardins de infância, creches, pré-escolas ou negócios de multi-segmento. Este template é projetado com pixels perfeitos, garantindo que sua criação final seja flexível e facilmente escalável, além de funcionar perfeitamente em vários dispositivos e tamanhos de tela. Inclui as seguintes páginas: homepage, sobre nós, serviços,

Bigesport – Esport & Gaming Team Elementor Template Kit

25 out 2022|

Bigesport é um kit de templates para Elementor especialmente criado para sites de jogos, competições, equipes, jogos online e qualquer site de negócios relacionados a e-sports. Bigesport foi projetado para criar sites fáceis de usar para usuários iniciantes com templates da web prontos. É totalmente responsivo e se encaixa em vários monitores e resoluções, desde

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