Crocoblock JetFormBuilder

12 out 2022|

Advanced form builder plugin for WordPress block editor. Create forms from the ground up, customize the existing ones, and style them up – all in one editor. Form building is not about guesswork. Build the backend structure and style every form component at once. A layout you create in the editor will be the end

Crocoblock JetEngine Trim String Callback

20 set 2022|

Adds new callback to Dynamic Field widget, which allows to return truncated string with specified width. Output the string trimmed by the desired number of characters. Display the pieces of texts from meta fields, options, etc. Trimmed by the chosen string length value (by default, this can be done for post excerpt only, not for

Crocoblock JetEngine Post Expiration Period Module

20 set 2022|

The Post expiration period add-on allows you to display a new post for a limited time. You also could set expiration action so that a post would be deleted or changes the status to draft after the date elapses. This feature works if you have limited-time offers for the customers on your site or want

Crocoblock JetEngine Dynamic Charts Builder

20 set 2022|

Dynamic charts builder module for JetEngine. With Dynamic Charts, you can dynamically get the data from the previously created Query and display it in beautiful charts, such as Bar, Line, Pie, Geo, Histogram, and many others.

Crocoblock JetEngine Custom Visibility Conditions

20 set 2022|

Custom visibility conditions is a part of the Dynamic Visibility that adds two extra conditions to the module: “Post Status is” allows you to show/hide the sections/columns/widgets depending on the status of the post; “Is post by current user” makes sections/columns/widgets visible/invisible to the author of the post.

Crocoblock JetFormBuilder PayPal Recurring payments

05 maio 2022|

O plugin Crocoblock JetFormBuilder é uma ferramenta poderosa para criar formulários personalizados no WordPress. Com sua ampla gama de recursos e opções de personalização, o JetFormBuilder permite criar formulários que se integram perfeitamente ao design do seu site. Além disso, o JetFormBuilder vem com vários recursos de pagamento integrados, incluindo o PayPal Recurring Payments, que

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