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Let your users book dates and times for appointments and more directly from any WordPress form! Do you need a simple, hassle-free way to let your users schedule dates and times with you or your business? You can now set up scheduling and appointment form options directly from any of your WordPress forms with the Advanced Datepicker add-on! You may have already tried, or even currently are using, any one of the many scheduling and booking plugins for WordPress. Lots of them out there, and many of them really good.

They can also be complicated to setup and maintain for you and our clients. Especially if you have to connect to third party services to get the job done. There’s now a very easy way to handle appointment forms directly from any form on your site. And the best part is, you have all the tools you need to very easily build complex appointment forms right at your fingertips. Use your forms to schedule consulting appointments, events, rentals, and more!

Looking for a better way to connect HubSpot with WordPress? This is your answer. Looking for an easier way to connect HubSpot with WordPress? Need more flexibility and features for your HubSpot forms? HubSpot offers a live form builder, but if you’ve tried them you already know you have to embed code to implement and update. That can be a hassle, and not something you can always do yourself.

Not generating the quantity and quality of contacts and leads you believe your business is capable of? Your forms are probably part of the problem. It’s hard to reach full potential using the basic forms most builders offer. Connecting HubSpot with WordPress through Ninja Forms is your answer. You don’t need to struggle with code or bring in help to get any HubSpot form live on your site & working perfectly. You can very easily create new contacts, companies, deals, and more directly in your HubSpot account from any WordPress form.

Integrate WordPress with OnePage CRM seamlessly through highly customizable WordPress forms. Make better conversions your Next Action! Tired of manual data transfer between your WordPress website and OnePageCRM? Frustrated by integrations that offer less than perfect data transfer into your account? Banging your head against a wall every time an update breaks your custom integration?

You’ve just found the fix with our official OnePageCRM integration for WordPress via Ninja Forms! OnePageCRM is designed to keep your sales team focused on sales instead of navigating complex software. Ninja Forms’ official integration has been built with that ideal in mind and delivers in kind!

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