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As name suggests, you can create groups of agents to whom you can assign tickets to just like individual agents. Every agents in the group can manage tickets assigned to the group. If you want to assign ticket to group and expect any available agent in the group to pick the ticket ticket, this add-on is for you. Email notification with recipient “Assigned Agent” is enabled, for ticket assigned to agent-group will get sent to all agents of the group.

Tired of assigning agents every time ticket is created to your website? Here is solution to smartly assign tickets to agents. You can set rules (conditions) to match when new ticket is created and if matched, assign that agent to ticket.

Have you ever got in a situation that your customer didn’t bother getting back to your replies? You may wish to remind them about the ticket are waiting for their reply. If the customer does not get back even after a reminder, close the ticket after x number of days! This is a common thing in the support industry. This add-on is a solution to this problem. It gives you full control over warning email, number of days of inactivity to close tickets automatically.

There are times when customers ask the same questions again and again. This add-on makes your life easier by enabling you and your agent the ability to save replies and use it later on by just one click later on. It adds canned reply link just below a description for agents. It opens a modal pop-up to search and select a canned reply from the available list. The administrator can create canned replies from the dashboard area where he can set categories, visibility setting (visible to all agent), etc.

This add-on will integrate Easy Digital Download (EDD) plugin with your Supportcandy. In Create Ticket Page two custom fields of EDD product and order are added by default when activating this plugin.

Email Piping adds ability to import emails directly to your ticket system so that client can create ticket just by sending email to your support or reply ticket by replying to email notification without need to login your site. Ex. Your customer created ticket on your website. You replied the ticket and notification will sent to customers email address. Ideally customer should come to your website and then reply to the ticket, but this rarely happen. Instead he reply directly to email notification and you simply can not control your customers. This way, you have to keep checking your inbox and chances to miss the communication are high. Email Piping add-on covers you here, it imports all your inbox emails in desired tickets.

This add-on enables the CSV export functionality of the tickets. It exports all fields available for the ticket list (even it is not set in the list) but not others like attachments, description, replies, etc. Export all tickets based on the current filter set in the ticket list so that if you want only particular tickets to export, it is possible and if all required, simply do not apply any filter.

You can decide Support Agent Roles to have this feature enabled. Also, there is an option available as All User if you want export tickets feature available for users. It exports only accessible tickets of logged in user so that agent can only export tickets accessible to him, the user can export only his tickets, the administrator can export all tickets, etc.

FAQs are important part of any help-desk. This add-on will integrate popular FAQ plugins available for WordPress. Beside is list of available integrations and still counting: Ultimate FAQ and Arconix FAQ. These add-ons integrated with SupportCandy so that agents can use FAQs while replying to tickets. They can insert either FAQ link or FAQ contents to reply description just like macros or canned replies.

This add-on will integrate Gravity Forms with SupportCandy. Now you have an option to create multiple forms and integrate with SupportCandy to create new ticket every time any one of the integrated forms has been submitted.

Knowledgebase or Documentation saves time of your customers to asks you questions and wait for you to reply. Ultimately it also reduces number of tickets come to you. This add-on will integrate popular Knowledgebase plugins available for WordPress. Beside is list of available integrations and still counting – Knowledgebase by PressApps – WP Knowledgebase by Maeve Lander – Helpguru Knowledgebase by HeroThemes – BasePress Knowledgebase by 8Bits in a row – BWL Knowledgebase Manager by xenioushk – Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs by Echo Plugins – KnowledgeBase X w/ FAQ, Glossary Powered by WPBot ChatBot/HelpDesk – BetterDocs Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugin by WPDeveloper. These add-ons integrated with SupportCandy so that agents can use Knowledge-base while replying to tickets.

O plugin SupportCandy Print Tickets é uma ferramenta extremamente útil para qualquer pessoa que gerencia uma equipe de suporte ao cliente. Com ele, é possível imprimir facilmente tickets de suporte em papel ou em formato PDF para uso offline. Isso pode ser especialmente útil em casos em que os representantes de suporte precisam se afastar do computador por um tempo ou quando precisam compartilhar informações com outros departamentos.

Além disso, o SupportCandy Print Tickets permite que você personalize o layout dos tickets de suporte impressos. Você pode adicionar informações como o logotipo da sua empresa, o nome do representante de suporte que está atendendo o ticket, o tempo de espera estimado e muito mais. Essa personalização pode ajudar a aumentar a confiança dos clientes em sua empresa e melhorar a experiência geral do cliente.

Por fim, o plugin SupportCandy Print Tickets é fácil de usar e altamente personalizável. Você pode escolher quais campos aparecem no ticket impresso, configurar o tamanho e a aparência do papel utilizado e muito mais. Isso torna o processo de impressão de tickets de suporte rápido, fácil e adaptável às necessidades específicas da sua empresa. Se você está procurando uma maneira de melhorar o gerenciamento do suporte ao cliente e tornar sua equipe mais eficiente, o SupportCandy Print Tickets é definitivamente uma opção a ser considerada.

There are some cases when we need some sensitive information with tickets like website access details, FTP access, user credentials, etc so in such cases gathering this sensitive information directly from customers is quite risky in terms of data-stealing. Data in the form of plain text may cause harm to websites as it can be easily identified. Hence for all these hurdles, there is better choice i.e. Private Credential add-on. This add-on is developed to keep user credentials safe and secure as this add-on saves data in the form of encryption. When some sensitive information is presented within a ticket there are huge chances of information stealing and misuse of the same. So our newly developed add-on comes in the first place.

Statistics and reports are an integral part of any business. It gives you a quick overview of how your business is performing on a timeline.

Customer feedback plays an important role in the support sector. If you want to hear your customers about their experience with you ( or your agent ) for the support given in the ticket, this add-on is for you. An email will get sent after x number of days/hours when a ticket is closed. As soon as customers click one of the rating links, immediately it gets register in the ticket even if the user is logged in or not on your website. Optionally he can submit feedback in words. Window to submit feedback is provided on the page where it has been redirected after clicking one of the ratings above. You can set email notifications for both rating and feedback.

Have you ever wanted that ticket should be automatically created every X days/months for tasks? This add-on does exactly the same for you! You can create repeating tickets depend on your requirement for tasks with custom ticket fields. Fields available for selection are both ticket form fields and agent-only fields. E.g. If you are managing multiple sites and need to create a ticket for cleaning, maintenance, etc. every x number of days/months starting from your chosen date.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) adds ability to keep track of ticket timing set in SLA Policies. You can set SLA policies in settings with conditions and time. Whenever there is any activity in ticket e.g. create ticket, change status, reply ticket, etc. SLA policies are checked for it and adds first matched policy time to it. You can add it in your ticket list. By setting it default orderby in ticket list setting, you do not need to order it manually every time to check overdue tickets. This way, you can take actions on ticket as per SLA timings and keep your customers happy.

Want to provide an easy way to calculate the time spent on an individual ticket? This add-on will enable this for you. It will help you to record and track the time spent on each individual ticket. Also, it helps you in making productivity decision for your brand. We have designed this like a stop-watch for a ticket so that you can calculate the time spent on the ticket.

You may have customers which is an organisation or company and requires multiple people to create tickets and each others ticket should be visible in between themselves then this is right solution for you. You can create unlimited usergroups with unlimited members. Members checked as supervisors can see and manage tickets created by all members of the group. Whereas members not checked as supervisors can only see their own tickets just like normal reporter do.

Want to provide easy way for your WooCommerce customers to create support tickets? You came to right place! This not only give your customers to create and check tickets on there WooCommerce dashboard but also enable your agents to check customer orders within a ticket itself.

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