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Advanced Filtering for WordPress

FacetWP is an advanced filtering plugin for WordPress that allows you to add faceted search to you WooCommerce sites, listing pages, resources pages, search pages, directories, and more. FacetWP will work with most themes and you can easily add search and filter facets anywhere on your page or theme using shortcodes or PHP. It uses your sites existing custom fields, taxonomies, and post data (author, post date, post type, etc). It comes with a lots of different facet types including: checkboxes, dropdowns, date ranges, sliders, proximity (geolocation), and more. FacetWP is Ajax based, so filtering happens quickly and without page refreshes. The plugin also uses an index table for extra speed.

The A-Z Listing facet type displays a list of available first letters of the chosen Data Source field content. Click on a letter to show results starting with that letter. Click the selected letter again, or the “Any” link, to reset the facet.

Integrates FacetWP with Bricks post listings. This add-on lets you add facets to your Bricks Builder “Posts”, “Query Loop“, and archive listings.

This add-on lets you create guided dropdowns based on a hierarchical taxonomy.

A container for custom hooks. Hooks allow us to customize functionality without touching the original codebase. This prevents any code changes from getting lost whenever a plugin and/or theme gets updated. FacetWP provides a wide range of hooks and filters to influence its behavior and filtering results. These hooks and filters can be used directly in your (child)theme’s code (mostly in functions.php). But we recommend using our Custom Hooks add-on.

Multilingual support for FacetWP. If you are using WPML, Polylang or Polylang Pro, download and install the Multilingual add-on to integrate your translations with FacetWP. The Multilingual add-on supports normal translations, as well as dynamic strings (e.g. facet placeholder text) via the WPML String Translation plugin. The add-on supports sub-site (fr.mysite.com) and sub-directory (mysite.com/fr/) permalinks, but does not support URL strings (?lang=fr).

We often get asked how to show filters on one page (like the homepage) that redirect to a separate results page. This can be done with the Submit Button add-on. This add-on generates a submit button that passes facet data to a secondary page. In order for facets to appear, there needs to be a template on the page so that FacetWP knows which choices to display.

The Time Since facet type is used to filter posts by date / time since a specified interval.

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