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Do you run a support operation with multiple agents and need to track performance and other metrics? If so, this is the add-on you need. Slice, dice and filter your data to get insights into how your agents are performing or how much your clients are using your support services. Need to identify the top users of your support services? Or how about the agents that close the most number of tickets in a given time period? Starting from a core set of six reports you can filter and break down your data using any piece of information on your ticket – including your custom fields. There is no other WordPress help-desk plugin that provide this level reporting detail or flexibility.

Do you need a way to manage tickets that have been abandoned by users? How many times have you had to go through your ticket list to manually close out tickets that a user has not bothered to respond to? This plugin can help. It allows you to automatically create and send warning emails as well as automatically close tickets – all based on sophisticated rules centered around the age and status of a ticket.

Are you tired of answering the same thing oven and over? Asking for the same information with every new ticket, pointing out the FAQ… With the Canned Response add-on, reduce the time you spend on each ticket by answering in one click. Once installed, the add-on will add a new menu item Canned Responses under the main WordPress menu. This is where you will manage all your canned responses. You can add, edit or delete canned responses anytime.

Company profiles allow MULTIPLE users from within the same company to open, view and manage tickets related to a company or organization. If you provide sales, support or service to entities where multiple users might be opening tickets then you need this add-on. With this extension you can create a Company Profile and add multiple users to it, each of whom can have their own independent login to your ticket system. All users associated with the company profile will be able to view tickets and certain users will be able to open, reply-to and close tickets.

Use this add-on to integrate your existing WordPress based FAQ database into Awesome Support. With this extension you can: Specify an existing Custom Post Type as your primary FAQ data source – Create new custom FAQs on the fly directly into your existing FAQ data source (it requires just a couple of clicks as you’re responding to tickets) – Create new custom FAQs from any existing reply to a ticket – even long after you’ve closed the ticket – Suggest answers to your users from your FAQ database as they’re creating tickets (this can drastically reduce the number of tickets you have to handle).

Need more than the three default statuses? Maybe you need to tag and label certain tickets for “Development” or move them to certain support levels such as “Level 1” and “Level 2”. With the Custom Status and Labels add-on you can create the perfect set of ticket labels for your organization.

The Awesome Support Documentation add-on fills a critical piece of your support infrastructure – end-user documentation that your users will love. And a tool that your agents can use directly inside of a ticket reply – without constantly switching browser tabs or applications. As soon as you fill out your first documentation item you will be able to present a beautiful, very functional documentation site to your user – all with a minimum of fuss.

Tired of logging in to your support site every time a client answers a ticket? With the e-mail support add-on you can reply directly by e-mail! Users can even create a new ticket and account by simply sending an email to your designated support address! Whenever something happens on your support site (a client opens a new ticket, an agent replies to an existing ticket, etc), an e-mail notification is sent out automatically. With this add-on enabled, there is no longer a need to log into the support site to reply to a ticket.

Agents and clients can simply reply to the e-mail and their message will automatically be added to the ticket. To use this add-on you will need an e-mail address dedicated to the support system. You won’t need to check the inbox; Awesome Support will do it for you. At a frequency you decide, the system will check your inbox. If there is an e-mail from a client or from an agent, the system will retrieve it, delete it from the inbox and add it to the ticket’s discussion. Of course, a new e-mail notification will then be sent to the proper person.

The Easy Digital Downloads add-on adds support for both EDD, the Software Licensing add-on and the Frontend Submission add-on. When using this add-on, your EDD clients will automatically be granted permissions to submit support tickets. To make it easy for your clients to get help about one of their purchases, they can open a ticket directly from their purchase history. The Easy Digital Downloads add-on adds support for both EDD, the Software Licensing add-on and the Frontend Submission add-on. When using this add-on, your EDD clients will automatically be granted permissions to submit support tickets. To make it easy for your clients to get help about one of their purchases, they can open a ticket directly from their purchase history.

Tired of answering the same questions over and over? With the FAQ addon, you can easily create FAQs and publish them to one or more pages. And, you can create these Frequently Asked Questions in one click from any ticket – while replying to a ticket or after an answer has been posted. An FAQ page is a simple WordPress page that displays FAQs in an accordion format pulled from one or more categories.

Do you want to free up some space on your hosting server? Need increased security for attachments? Switch to Filestack! The WordPress uploader works great. If your users attach a lot of files to their tickets and replies however, you can quickly reach your disk space limit. Especially if you’re on a shared hosting. This add-on replaces the default WordPress uploader used for attachments by Filestack. This means that the files that are attached to tickets are no longer taking space on your server: everything is stored on the Filestack infrastructure.

The Gravity Forms add-on for Awesome Support allows you to create just about any version of a new ticket screen or reply screen that you can imagine. You can then submit all or a portion of the data back to a new or existing Awesome Support ticket! This is the MOST COMPLETE Gravity Forms interface you will find among any WordPress Help Desk plugins – nothing else even comes close!

This add-on allows users to enter a ticket without having an account on the system. This can help to create less friction in the support process and is suitable for a large variety of customer support organizations. Users with email addresses that are already registered are prompted to login before creating a ticket.

This add-on helps you to easily manage multiple tickets that are related to the same issue. Product recalls, persistent software bugs and major project implementation milestones are just some of the types of issues that this add-on can help you handle with ease. Larger support operations can easily receive multiple support tickets related to the same problem, especially if its a new issue. Managing multiple tickets that are all about the same problem can easily become a problem itself. Imagine having to update 10, 100 or even 500 tickets just to give them all the same status update? Under this kind of a scenario wouldn’t it be great if you could create a group of tickets and manage the group as a single entity? Well, that’s precisely what this add-on for Awesome Support does!

If you’re into e-mail marketing this add-on is for you. It will add a checkbox to the registration form and ask users to register for your newsletter/e-mail list. On the admin side of things, you will be able to select the list you want the users to be added to plus the following options: Enable double-optin – Update (or not) existing contacts – Send a welcome e-mail to the new subscribers.

The Notifications add-on will keep you up to date with your support operations – anytime, anywhere. You decide on which action(s) you want to be notified and where you want to be notified (email, slack, sms/push-bullet). Every time something happens on your support, you are instantly notified. While the free core Awesome Support plugin includes email notifications, this add-on expands those notifications to new channels and 3rd parties that might not be associated with a ticket. The add-on currently integrates with Slack, Pushbullet and, of course, email.

Get 50+ additional powerful features for your Awesome Support help-desk WordPress plugin! With these features you can: Help your agents track and close tickets even faster – Increase your agent’s productivity – Reduce your average cost per ticket closed – Easily keep track of additional key information about customers and tickets – Choose from dozens of additional customization options to fine-tune your help-desk operation. The easier you make it for agents to handle tickets the more profits will flow to your bottom line!

Wanna add a note to yourself? Do you need to transfer a ticket to a colleague and want to give him/her some background on the issue? With the Private Notes addon you are able to add as many notes as you want to a ticket, and the client will never see them. Private notes can only be seen by you or a fellow support staff. Type anything you want into a private note – text, code, quotes… The note will then be added to the ticket and will be displayed in a different color for you to see it immediately.

Have you ever wanted to collect tickets on sites that are not your own site? Or maybe you wanted to collect tickets from sub-sites on a multi-site network while maintaining one central database of tickets. With the Remote Tickets add-on you can do exactly that. This add-on allow you to create unlimited Javascript Widgets that can be installed on any website – these sites do not even have to be WordPress sites! Once the widget is installed, you get a HELP button in the lower right corner of the screen. When the user clicks that button they will be presented with a small form that collects the information required to open a new ticket.

Successful businesses run on data. So how would you like to see an immediate data snapshot of your support operations as soon as you log into your WordPress administration area? With this add-on you can get that snapshot! Of course you would want to be able to control the placement, layout, maybe decide if a widget can be viewed. We provide options to permanently disable each widget. And, to temporarily disable any one or more of them WordPress makes this easy for – you can use the normal WordPress Admin controls to add or remove widgets as well as move them around to create a layout that works for you! And, the data shown to agents generally correspond to the access they are granted to tickets.

The Awesome Support Service Level Agreement module allows you to calculate a due date for tickets based on your contractual obligations to your customers. Each customer can have a different contractual due date and that due date can be overridden based on the priority, status or channel that the ticket arrived on. If you’re servicing corporate customers or if you’re charging for your support services then you need to keep track of when tickets are due based on the promises you made to your customer.

Do you have multiple support agents in multiple departments or that each specialize in supporting a subset of your products? If so, then this extension is tailor-made for you! It allows you to select from 6 different algorithms to intelligently route incoming tickets to the proper support department or personnel. The default assignment algorithm for new tickets is simple – tickets are assigned to the agent with the least number of open tickets. With this add-on, there are five new algorithms that use a combination of Departments, Products and Agent Availability to control which agent is assigned a ticket.

Infuse some Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your help-desk and support operations. The current pace of AI and ML is making these technologies more accessible via SAAS platforms. In order to tap into these new capabilities we’ve created this add-on which uses these new platforms to bring direct benefits to your help-desk. By automating the replies that are sent back to users for simple inquiries you can free up your agents time to handle the more complex tickets. You can now handle more tickets with the same number of agents! And, you can send smart automatic responses directly from your support system to your users, even when your agents are not present. Facebook Messenger users, your website users and anyone submitting a new ticket can now get instantaneous responses to their questions.

Have you ever wanted to make sure that your users searched through your FAQs, Documentation and other help resources before submitting a ticket? This add-on makes sure that happens. Many tickets are opened even though the answer to the users question is already present in your documentation and FAQs. This extension makes sure those resources are utilized before a ticket is opened. By doing this, you can easily reduce your ticket volume.

Do you want to attach checklists of tasks that need to be completed to your tickets? If so, this add-on is for you. With it you can: Automatically attach a list of items that need to be completed to any ticket – Manually attach one or more “todo” or “task” to any ticket – Prevent tickets from being closed until all the items have been marked completed – Send notifications as tasks are completed – Attach notes to each task as they are completed. A task list represents one or more tasks – it is effectively a collection of tasks and todos that can then be assigned to a ticket.

There are times when you need to collect additional information on your site before allowing a user to access your support pages. This add-on allows you to collect any additional information you might need prior to the user completing the site registration process. This can be particularly useful when combined with moderated registration where you want to approve each user before they can create and submit tickets. An example of where this might be necessary is the registration of vendors for a trade show. With Moderated Registration enabled in Awesome Support Core and this add-on active, you can collect additional fields to pre-qualify a vendor.

The tight integration between the two is guaranteed to leave your customers feeling like their support experience is deeply rooted in their purchasing experience. If you have a WooCommerce store, you must be providing support. But how long does it take to your support agents to figure out what product the ticket is related to or which order was passed? With the WooCommerce add-on for Awesome Support, supporting clients becomes much easier. Everything is tied together: support tickets, products and orders. Once the add-on is installed, every single ticket will be linked to its order. The client can also specify which product within the order the ticket is related to. In just seconds, agents will know what the request is about, improving their efficiency and reducing the time to first response.

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