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Allow your donors to switch to their currency of choice and increase your overall giving with the GiveWP Currency Switcher add-on. Select from an extensive list of currencies, set the currency based on your users’ location, pull from live exchange rates and more! Allowing your donors to give in the currency of their choice expands your audience over international boundaries. Help your cause grow with Currency Switcher.

Google Analytics Donation Tracking uses Google Analytics’ Enhanced E-commerce features to measure your donation campaign success. Track user interactions with donation forms across the user’s site experience, including initiating the donation process, completing a donation, admin refunds, and more. With Google Analytics Donation Tracking you can take the guesswork out of understanding how your website visitors donate. Enhanced eCommerce tracking is free and built right into Google Analytics. When enabled, it captures a wealth of information about your donation transactions, including the transaction amount, traffic sources, most popular donation forms, and the number of visits made before a donor gave.

The Manual Donations add-on allows you to create donations directly in your WordPress dashboard. Donations can be attached to a specific donor, or a new donor can be easily created during the donation creation process. This doesn’t actually charge the donor, but is meant to help you reconcile your records.

The PayFast gateway is one of the most popular in South Africa. As an off-site payment gateway for GiveWP, PayFast allows donors to give securely using a variety of payment methods including EFT and credit cards. PayFast has no setup fees and no monthly fees as well as built-in fraud detection. If you’re raising money and looking for a donation payment gateway for South Africa, this is the solution for you.

The new Peer-to-Peer Fundraising add-on for GiveWP allows you to open up your WordPress donation forms to your supporters! Now your community can raise money for you in the traditional peer-to-peer style or through team fundraising. The choice is yours! Display fundraising progress with goal bars for individuals, teams, and total raised. Captains can customize the color, image, name, and goal as well as embed videos and other content. Social sharing is simplified with built-in calls-to-action. Peer-to-Peer fundraising is one of the most powerful forms of fundraising available. But now, with GiveWP, your organization can run large-scale fundraising for a fraction of the cost.

Recurring donors give an average of 30% more per year than one-time donors. The Recurring Donations Add-on for GiveWP makes it simple. Create truly powerful recurring donation forms with a broad range of settings. You can give your donors full control over how often they give or decide on preset time periods and amounts. The choice is yours. The Donor’s Choice feature allows you to customize how donors choose their subscription period. The Admin’s Choice feature requires the donor to give in the time periods of your choice. View and update your donation subscription records in the same place you keep track of all your fundraising efforts. Your subscription donation data is always up to date so you can easily keep your records straight. Fine-tune your recurring giving campaigns for more conversions using in-depth revenue performance analytics. Reporting is essential to understanding how well your cause connects with your community.

Use your Square payment gateway for your GiveWP online donation forms. With Square donations, you benefit from fraud detection, end-to-end encryption, fast deposits, and the ability to refund your donors directly through GiveWP. Plus, your donors can use most major credit cards, so they can give however they’d like. Sqaure creates an easy-to-use transaction for your donors and helps you keep track of all your online donations in one place.

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