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Modula Albums is an extension that helps you display multiple galleries on a page and organize them into albums. Let’s say that we have more galleries and we’d like to display one next to the other on the same page. When a visitor of the website wants to see the whole album, they can just click on the “cover” image. Then all the pictures will be displayed in a Lightbox with the settings you selected.

Lossless Compression – File sizes will be reduced by removing unnecessary image information (and statistical redundancies) resulting in no loss in quality. Lossy Compression – File sizes will be reduced significantly resulting in a slight loss in image quality that is visible. Choose this option if you want your website to load as fast as possible. Glossy Compression – Glossy is the best choice if you care about your website’s load time and believe that a slight loss in page speed is an acceptable compromise for top-notch image quality.

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