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PixelYourSite started in 2015 as a small Facebook Pixel plugin. Since then, we helped thousands of online marketers to generate hundreds of millions in revenue from their ads on many platforms. PixelyourSite Professional is now probably the most complex tracking tool for WordPress, managing the Facebook Pixel (now the Meta Pixel), Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Pinterest Tag, Bing Tag, and virtually any other script. On top of that, we developed a suite of other WordPress plugins that do some unique and very useful things. Most of our ideas and new features came from our clients. They helped us grow and improve tremendously. Track everything with a single WordPress plugin: Meta Pixel (formerly the Facebook Pixel), Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Pinterest, Bing, TikTok Tag, and ANY script.

The plugin will try to use the best value for each feed filed. If it can’t find it, will look for the next best possible match. You can uncheck any of the default options on a feed-based level. Easily edit, copy URL, regenerate, download or delete any of your feeds. Your feeds will be hosted on your own server and you can use a dedicated URL to upload them to Facebook or Google. The plugin will automatically regenerate the feeds on preset intervals. You can configure Google Taxonomy on the product level, category level, plugin level, and even at feed level. Exclude variations from your feeds, control how “grouped” and “bundle” product work, filter products by category, product type, stock, or sale. Exclude a product from all your feeds, define its condition, add MPN or GTIN, select Google Taxonomy, or add two extra images that can be used for your feeds. You can also replace the default product URL with a custom one.

Add the cost of your products, calculate profit for each order, use profit as your Facebook conversion value. You can manually add the COG to any product, create category rules, or a global rule. You can export a CSV with all your products, add the cost, and import it back. You can add the COG using WooCommerce default import plugin. You can import the COG with WP ALL IMPORT WooCommerce extenstion.

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