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JetEngine is a toolkit that lets you build a dynamic architecture fast and cost-effectively. Interrelate different CPT and CCT posts, taxonomy items, and users in one place. Choose from three relations types: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many. Сreate complex custom query lists that can be combined on the backend and used to query any data, sections, and filters on the front-end. Select data from custom tables and combine it into one selection. Show & hide items, columns, and sections provided that the request is/is not empty.

JetSearch. The fastest AJAX search for
WordPress websites. Use the plugin functionality to add a live search bar to a WordPress website. Implement the live search allowing to browse the site freely. Include/exclude specific items from the search and highlight the search text in the results. Use the Search Query parameters to adjust the way search results will be sorted on the front end. A dynamic WooCommerce store where one can search books by the author and title.

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