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Host virtual and physical events beautifully. A new world of virtual event experience. Live event progress. Live event video. Responsive and customizable to fit your every virtual need. Expandable beyond imagination with various addons. A clutter free, clean look at all your events in a schedule format. Real-time live events calendar view. Auto remove completed events. Auto load next event on time. Cleanly designed event tiles layout offers a beautiful alternative layout for your calendar. Your customers will be able to find the event information quickly with the tiles while drawing their attention right to the minimal design of the tiles.

Display events one day at a time with our DailyView addon. In addition, users are able to select other days from interactive days strip. Showcase events for a single day with the DailyView addon. This addon is a great fit for sites running a multitude of events everyday. Easily scroll between days to discover the next day’s events with DavilyView.

The FullCal addon for EventON brings you a traditional calendar grid that is seamlessly blended with our minimalistic design to enhance features important to you. EventON FullCal addon is not just your average grid calendar. The addon is filled with slick features to customize your calendar such as Lightbox Events, Hover Day Count, Customize Colors, and much more! FullCal adds an interactive, animated monthly scrolling effect to your grid view. Show up to 3 different, color coded events when you hover over a date box. Choose a minimal, no-border design for the grid calendar view among other grid styles.

Display moon data for the date of the event. For generations, humans created events around lunar activities to harvest the amazing energy of the moon. With advancements in technology, we can now easily calculate major lunar events and plan our consciously created events with the moon. With this addon you can display moon data on the event card!

Create seamless ticket variations like never before. Sell event tickets with sophisticated ticket options and grant your customers the power to
choose ticket options, to their desire! Create multiple ticket variation types and build ticket variations from those with custom prices. Set custom ticket variation ticket capacity per each variation. Let your visitors add optional additions to their ticket and get extra revenue. Additional ticket options can be set to sold individually per ticket. Ticket variation and options data from customers are integrated with eventON ticket emails and view attendees.

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