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Citadela is a Block-based WordPress theme. Be ready for the future. Start building your website today, for free, without lowering your expectations or restricting your future opportunities. Citadela WordPress theme offers you everything that a high-quality theme from a renowned developer should. Furthermore, it’s a free template for WordPress that you can download right away. UNLIKE many other free WordPress themes out there, Citadela is well coded, responsive, compatible, secure, regularly updated and, of course, beautifully & professionally designed. Citadela WordPress theme is a tool in your hands that will help you build an extensive, elaborated WordPress website with everything you might ever need. Your website built with Citadela will boost your growing business and also adapt to your future needs.

Useful, fast, user-friendly, well arranged. That’s what your web visitors want, indeed. So build your website with them in mind. Citadela WordPress Theme helps to achieve excellent readability. Moreover, it allows you to organize content that makes sense for ordinary people who read your website. Citadela is a fully responsive WordPress theme. It adapts to screens of all sizes: desktops, laptops, tablets, and of course, all kinds of mobile phones. Remember that your website could be getting more than 50 % of all visits from mobile devices. Therefore responsiveness is not optional. It’s a MUST. Luckily, Citadela will make sure your website looks great anytime, anywhere, on any screen, and now it is available for you to download for free.

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