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With Dynamik you will be able to adjust the finest details of your Genesis-powered website with hundreds of no-coding design controls built right into your WordPress Dashboard. From beginner to advanced, these styling tools really come in handy! Dynamik offers a unique “Site Preview” mode that not only allows you to see your site as your customize it, but the preview window updates everytime you save a new design change, providing you with instant front-end feedback! The Dynamik Skin functionality provides several notable benefits. For one, you can go from a stock design to a much more refined starting point in seconds, with the included pre-customized Dynamik Skins. But they’re also perfect for saving and sharing your own work. Dynamik includes a set of “starter Skins”, but you can also get Premium Dynamik Skins as well!

Dynamik has a tendency to be a kind of “one size fits all” design solution since it’s features are so wide ranging and its appeal quite broad, but I would say there are two main groups that most benefit from this excellent Genesis Child Theme. Either the DIY web designer who wants to be able to do more than their current skillset allows, or the up-and-coming freelance developer who needs a professional grade dev tool that will not only meet them where they are, but allow them to grow along the way.

The Ultimate Theme Framework Add-On

Extender Pro includes a robust set of Custom Coding & Development tools along with custom template, widget area, & content creation options. Combined with the Front-end DEV Tools and hook mapping tool, Extender Pro is a powerful framework enhancing Plugin! With the Site Preview mode enabled you’ll find that the process of pasting in a custom script, or typing out some function code, or even editing a custom Page Template just go a whole lot more satisfying. See real-time results the moment you hit save. Perfect!

Extender Pro is not easily defined by a few screenshots and some descriptive text. You really have to use it to appreciate the power behind its collective development controls. Being able to create a custom widget or content area, match it with a WordPress conditional tag or two, and even assign it to a custom label to easily attach to specific pages and posts, makes for a highly flexible developer tool that can accomplish just about any web design task you throw its way.

If you’re using one of the many powerful WordPress Theme Frameworks supported by Extender Pro then you probably already appreciate the kind of power and flexibility they offer. However you may be wanting a little more accessible control over the varoius aspects of the theme, as well as greater control over your code. If this describes you then I have a feeling you’re going to love this powerful developer Plugin!

Freelancer DevKit was specifically developed for our own in-house Freelancer Framework theme. This means that it is perfectly tailored around the unique code and functionality found in Freelancer, making it the ideal development tool for those interested in WordPress web design using Freelancer as their foundation. Freelancer is 100% free to download and use so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from taking it for a spin and enjoying the ultimate in WordPress Theme simplicity, efficiency, flexibility, and quality!

Though Freelancer DevKit can certainly meet the needs of wide spectrum of WordPress marketers, power-users, and developers alike, the main focus if DevKit is right in the midst of both the non-coders and those who simply want to focus more of their online energy on their own skillset instead of tinkering with code editors all day. Now DevKit certainly is capable of custom coding when the need arises, but it’s real empowerment stems from the kind of point-n-click custom design capability it provides its user.

Genesis DevKit is a WordPress Plugin that was specifically developed to provide professional grade Genesis Website customization through hundreds of point-n-click design options, as well as intuitive custom coding tools. It provides the best of both worlds by creating custom Genesis Child Themes using WordPress best practices, while at the same time offering full design control that almost any WordPress user can master.

The Ultimate Genesis Framework Add-On

Genesis Extender includes a robust set of Custom Coding & Code Building tools along with custom template, widget area, & content creation options. Combined with the Front-end CSS Builder and hook mapping tool, Extender is a powerful framework enhancing Plugin! An instant favorite for many Extender users, the Front-end CSS Builder tool allows web designers of all skill levels to tweak their site styles with ease. It intuitively writes the CSS code for you and provides real-time results! Beaver Extender offers an intuitive Front-End Visual Hooks Map feature that provides the developer with an easy way to desipher precisely where the various hooks are located inside the Beaver Builder Theme.

Instant IDE provides you with a powerful file manager and editor, along with the essential tools necessary for professional WordPress site and software development. Take full control of your WordPress installation…files, folders, and so much more! All the bells & whistles are there to help you take charge of your server folders. Both basic and advanced file management tools are just a right-click away. Manage your tabs with ease and even split them into two columns when needed.

Instant IDE is standalone website and web application DEV environment that is perfectly suited for both intermediate and professional WordPress development. Combined with the Instant IDE Manager Plugin that makes installing, updating, and removing iIDE effortless, WordPress power users and freelancers will find this unique piece of web building software invaluable. Instant IDE puts in complete control.

Full Site Sandboxing, Backups, and Migration made easy!

Simple Sandbox Pro provides you with an intuitive solution that makes full site Sandboxing, Backups, and Migration a breeze. Turn any WordPress website into a full-blown sandbox with almost limitless development possibilities. Migrate and entire WordPress powered website in a matter of seconds and with a single URL. Backup an entire WordPress website in seconds and then restore it just as quickly! View your Snapshot’s “Info” to quickly determine the exact website state that it represents. Simple Sandbox Pro Manger Plugin allows you to easily install, update, and remove Simple Sandbox Pro.

Simple Sandbox Pro is a powerful DEV Tool that can turn any WordPress powered website into a full blown sandboxing, site migration, and site backup solution. It was developed with both simplicity and flexibility in mind and to serve both the average WP user and full blown freelance developer alike. With Simple Sandbox Pro you can completely capture any state of your website and then decide to clone it, restore it, or transfer it over to a completely different website. It’s really that simple!

Your Complete In-Dashboard WordPress Theme

Creating a custom Child Theme is as simple as filling out a few form fields and then letting Themer Pro do the rest. Within seconds you’ll have a freshly minted Child Theme right inside your /themes/ directory, ready to be activated! Saying that Themer Pro provides a complete Child Theme editing solution is a complete understatement. With the powerful Ace Editor built-in, Themer Pro’s coding solutions offered inside your WordPress Dashboard are second to none! Themer Pro covers all the bases when it comes to Child Theme Development. From creation, to customization, even down to providing a simple, yet highly useful image manager for the currently active Child Theme.

A perfect “browser inspector sidekick”, the CSS Sandbox tool provides the ideal solution for organizing and customizing all of those front-end style tweaks you’re working on just before adding them to your live stylesheet. This is one of those “you didn’t know you needed it, but now you can’t live without it” kind of dev tools. Real-time HTML manipulation on the front-end of your site provides you with a much more intuitive customization experience. Themer Pro offers an intuitive Front-End Visual Hooks Map feature that provides the developer with an easy way to desipher precisely where the various hooks are located inside the Theme Framework.

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