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Growing websites can become challenging to manage. Admin Columns helps you to overcome this challenge. Create insightful overviews to easily find, order, filter and update your content. Fully customize your WordPress list table. Add your important content to them by drag and dropping in columns – no coding needed. Searching WordPress content has never been easier. Any content can be sorted, filtered and searched. Edit your content without opening each post – directly from the overview. Inline editing allows you to quickly change single pieces of content. Bulk editing can update all your content at once. Create your own custom exports of your WordPress content in a CSV format. You can export a custom selection by filtering and sorting your content first – works on all overviews.

Admin Columns Pro is 100% compatible with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin with the use of our add-on. Admin Columns Pro allows you to customize the WordPress list table for any post type by adding columns. By adding ACF fields to the list table you will display relevant information, make it filterable, sortable, easy editable (inline & bulk) and you can export content for further use. It’s a lot to take in so we will discuss each feature in more detail. You have total control on the columns you get to see on the list table. You can pick any Advanced Custom Field an add it as a column to your WordPress list table with our drag-and-drop interface.

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