Freelancer DevKit was specifically developed for our own in-house Freelancer Framework theme. This means that it is perfectly tailored around the unique code and functionality found in Freelancer, making it the ideal development tool for those interested in WordPress web design using Freelancer as their foundation. Freelancer is 100% free to download and use so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from taking it for a spin and enjoying the ultimate in WordPress Theme simplicity, efficiency, flexibility, and quality!

Though Freelancer DevKit can certainly meet the needs of wide spectrum of WordPress marketers, power-users, and developers alike, the main focus if DevKit is right in the midst of both the non-coders and those who simply want to focus more of their online energy on their own skillset instead of tinkering with code editors all day. Now DevKit certainly is capable of custom coding when the need arises, but it’s real empowerment stems from the kind of point-n-click custom design capability it provides its user.