Gravity Perks

Gravity Perks Advanced Save and Continue

09 mar 2023|

Gravity Forms Advanced Save and Continue extends Gravity Forms’ built-in Save and Continue by automatically saving users’ data as they progress through a form and automatically repopulating that data when they return. Additionally, it adds indispensable draft management, allowing users to view, resume and delete their draft submissions.

Gravity Perks Google Sheets

25 fev 2023|

Google Sheets é um addon para o plugin Gravity Forms que permite enviar dados de formulários diretamente para uma planilha no Google Sheets. Com este addon, você pode configurar facilmente uma conexão entre seu formulário Gravity Forms e sua planilha no Google. Todos os dados enviados por meio do formulário são registrados automaticamente na planilha,

Gravity Perks File Renamer

28 set 2022|

Effortlessly rename files uploaded with Gravity Forms, powered by flexible naming templates. Gravity Forms File Renamer makes renaming files uploaded with Gravity Forms effortless. Specify a naming template and files are renamed when the form is submitted. Naming templates are quite flexible, with support for static and dynamic values (i.e. merge tags), custom deduplicators and

Gravity Perks Advanced Phone Field

24 ago 2022|

Level up your Phone fields with automatic country code selection, real number validation, and stylish visuals. Gravity Forms Advanced Phone Field enhances the Phone field in Gravity Forms with automatic phone number validation and an interactive drop down for selecting country codes. Additionally, it parses a variety of meta data about the phone number which

Gravity Perks Gravity Forms Page Transitions

06 ago 2022|

Animate your forms with smooth, buttery transitions as the user progresses from page to page. Make the experience even sleeker by automatically progressing to the next page when the last field on the current page is completed. Your forms will feel better, convert better, and delight your users. Create a sleek, fluid form navigation experience for your users. Slide and fade transitions

Gravity Perks Gravity Forms QR Code

13 jul 2022|

Bridge the physical and digital world with QR codes for managing events, discounts, inventory, and more. Gravity Forms QR Code allows you to generate QR codes from Gravity Forms field values, or scan QR codes to insert values into Gravity Forms fields. Captured field values can be output as QR codes in form confirmations, notifications,

Gravity Perks Advanced Calculations

01 jun 2022|

Gravity Forms calculations provide an excellent foundation for basic arithmetic and simple equations. But that’s just not enough for a gnarly number cruncher like you. You need to forecast investment strategies, calculate monthly car payments, and estimate mortgage preapprovals. After lunch, you have to build a cost calculator for an old friend’s construction business. And

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