MainWP Pressable Extension

16 ago 2023|

MainWP Pressable Extension simplifies your Pressable hosting management experience, such as creating, disabling, and deleting websites, enabling/disabling CDN, managing backups, and more without the need to log in to your Pressable account. The Pressable Extension for MainWP allows you to create new sites on your Pressable account, manage existing sites, and perform hosting-specific tasks directly

MainWP SSL Monitor Extension

01 mar 2023|

MainWP SSL Monitor Extension lets you keep a watchful eye on your SSL Certificates. It alerts you via email when monitored certificates are nearing expiration. The “SSL Monitor Extension” is designed to streamline your workflow and save time by automatically checking for SSL expiry date, issuer, validity, etc.

MainWP Jetpack Scan Extension

01 mar 2023|

The Jetpack Scan Extension effectively detects vulnerabilities and provides detailed information about them, along with one-click solutions to fix issues in WordPress, plugins, and themes. The Jetpack Scan Extension allows you to effortlessly scan all your Child Sites for potential vulnerabilities, get detailed information about each vulnerability, and take advantage of the one-click solution for

MainWP Jetpack Protect Extension

01 mar 2023|

The “Jetpack Protect” Extension streamlines the process of scanning your Child Sites for potential vulnerabilities, providing detailed information about each vulnerability and simplifying the process of updating to the fixed version of WordPress, Plugins, or Themes with just one click.

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