Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar Liquid Layouts

14 fev 2023|

Modern Events Calendar é um plugin WordPress para gerenciamento de eventos que oferece diversas funcionalidades e recursos para organizadores de eventos. Uma dessas funcionalidades é a opção de Liquid Layouts, que permite criar layouts flexíveis e customizados de acordo com suas necessidades, sem precisar ser um especialista em design ou programação. Este plugin oferece uma

Modern Events Calendar Webex Integration

21 set 2022|

This add on enables you to show meetings and webinars information to your users. You can provide an embed code for your event, plus a username and password to the user. It is also possible to decide whether the information are shown only after purchase or everyone can see them. This information can be sent

Modern Events Calendar Square Payment

21 set 2022|

With this addon you can easily set up a Square Payment Gateway for yourself. Together with Stripe and PayPal, provided for free in MEC, your users will have a much easier time when making a purchase and have more satisfaction from your business. Square Payment is one of the most famous gateways and is very

Modern Events Calendar Social Auto Poster

21 set 2022|

Using this addon you can share your events automatically and with ease on your social media. We’ve made everything much easier for you. There are no limits to how many accounts you can add and you are also able to assign categories to them. LinkedIn, Meetup, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are supported by this addon.

Modern Events Calendar Seat

21 set 2022|

This addon will enable you to sell seats in any spot and create a layout plan for them. One of the awesome features presented on Seats is the possibility of hiding or disabling the booking of certain seats in your venue. Additionally, you can assign a different ticket to each row or even each seat

Modern Events Calendar Gutenberg Single Builder

21 set 2022|

With the help of this add-on, you will be able to create a ready-made template for all of your events. Add the styles you like to your single events, and change the layout in Gutenberg with a single drag and drop. Also, if there is a widget you do not like, you can delete it

Modern Events Calendar Elementor FES Builder

21 set 2022|

With this add-on you can create unique FES forms for your website with custom styles using Elementor. Other options include setting the typography of the form, padding, borders, margin customization, and most importantly using colors consistent with your website. Now you can finally lay out FES forms just the way you want.

Modern Events Calendar RSVP Events

23 set 2021|

O Modern Events Calendar é um plugin para WordPress que permite criar e gerenciar eventos no seu site. Com o plugin, é possível adicionar informações sobre datas, horários, locais, ingressos, descrições e muito mais. Além disso, o Modern Events Calendar também oferece uma série de recursos avançados, como integração com o Google Maps, suporte para

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