myCred Nominations

08 fev 2024|

myCred Nominations allows your users to nominate other members for achievements, points and ranks and other rewards. You can enable auto-nomination so that users can nominate any member with a majority of votes. All of this is done by adding nomination forms on your website. The nomination forms can customized to accept notes that can

myCred Time Based Reward

19 nov 2022|

myCred Time-Based Reward addon allows you to create rewards that users can claim after a admin specified time. You can create time-based rewards and set the recurrence time with just a few different functions. Create messages for guest users to claim their reward. Display customizable pop-up messages that ask users to claim time-based rewards. You

myCred Pending Points

19 nov 2022|

myCred Pending Points allows the admin to set a pending status before awarding the points. The admin can review the log before changing the status of the points from pending to released. This functionality can be set for all or specific references, user roles, usernames, badges, or ranks. The admin can also set the pending

myCred ToDo List

16 maio 2022|

The myCred To-Do List addon allows you to create a list that your users can mark as completed manually. To finish the list, users can individually mark any point on it. It could be a list of everyday activities, such as workouts, business meetings, etc. In addition, each task can be customized with different settings,

myCred Submission

29 mar 2022|

myCred Submissions allow your users to unlock achievements and rank by submitting a form that your website managers can evaluate. This add-on also offers the ability to include remarks with the submission form so that users can explain why they deserve it and an administration dashboard to handle all accepted entries. You’ll be able to

myCred Email Plus

29 mar 2022|

myCred Email Plus has a robust tag library that enables you to send conditional emails to your users, including their current point balance, most recent rank earned, and current rank of any type. Within minutes, you’ll be able to create a customized email that will be delivered in response to relevant events. Additionally, a new

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