QSM / Quiz And Survey Master

QSM / Quiz And Survey Master Advanced Question Types

27 jan 2023|

Crie testes e pesquisas avançadas com três tipos de perguntas poderosas. Você recebe dois tipos de perguntas da matriz (grade de rádio e grade de caixa de seleção) e um tipo de par de pares correspondentes. Crie testes, pesquisas, testes e exames profissionais com a ajuda deste addon incorporando pares correspondentes. Este addon é ideal

QSM / Quiz And Survey Master Summary Emails

29 nov 2021|

Do you have a quiz or survey that you want to see the results from but do not need an email every time a user submits their answers? With this addon, you can receive emails that contain a summary of all the results over the course of a day or a week. For example, if

QSM / Quiz And Survey Master URL Parameters

29 nov 2021|

When it comes to tracking users through various funnels, there are many times when you need to send data between different systems. Using this data, you would be able to test different conversion rates at parts of your funnel or to connect data for users across different systems. This is where URL parameters can help.

QSM / Quiz And Survey Master User Dashboard

29 nov 2021|

This add-on gives you the ability to set up a page where users can review their results from all the quizzes they have taken. If your users have access to the dashboard, they will have a new page to review their results. If they do not have access to the dashboard, you can create a

QSM / Quiz And Survey Master Zapier Integration

29 nov 2021|

With Zapier Integration, Quiz And Survey Master can sends results to over 700 different websites and services. What if you wanted to have a spreadsheet of all your students who have taken the quiz? With Zapier Integration, you can send the results to a Google Spreadsheet. You can add the quiz or survey taker to

QSM QSM / Quiz And Survey Master Core

29 nov 2021|

Powerful quiz and survey for WordPress in few minutes!The Best Quiz Plugin of WordPress, Quiz and Survey Plugin is popular for tons of customization options. Though the base plugin is free and highly popular, QSM has 34+ Pro Addons for building Advanced Quizzes, Surveys, Exams, Polls, Questionnaires, etc. Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) is the

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