ShopMagic WooCommerce Bookings

28 dez 2021|

Customize your WooCommerce Bookings emails and create your own email workflows. You no longer need to dig into PHP templates and wonder if your work won't disappear with the next update - Re-create standard Bookings emails or create new ones like review reminders or thank-you messages - Enhance your emails settings and make it easy

ShopMagic Review Requests

23 fev 2021|

Send automated review reminders and take advantage of one of the best conversion boosters. Get more reviews from your customers easily and increase your conversion rates. Control the whole process by verifying and approving new customer reviews. Save your time with 3 predefined email templates you can start using immediately. 73% of customers won't even

ShopMagic Slack

23 fev 2021|

Send WooCommerce notifications to Slack and always know what's happening in your store. Choose when the message gets posted to Slack (i.e. order completed/failed/refunded), choose a channel, customize the name, emoji and message with placeholders.

ShopMagic WooCommerce Memberships

23 fev 2021|

Increase your revenue by sending emails based on your Memberships events. Built-in solution to send automated emails to your WooCommerce members straight from your WP dashboard. Notify customers about membership events and boost conversions by wining back churns, upselling, or encouraging renewals. No need to set up complicated integrations or exporting/importing data - Seamless integration

ShopMagic WooCommerce Subscriptions

23 fev 2021|

Send automated emails based on subscription events that let you satisfy, retain, and get more subscription customers. Save Your Time and Energy With This WooCommerce Subscriptions Email Autopilot. A perfect solution to automatically notify customers about subscription events and boost revenue by wining back churns, upselling, or encouraging manual renewals. Keep your customers engaged with

ShopMagic Advanced Filters

23 fev 2021|

Send email messages and notifications tailored for specific customer groups. Advanced Filters unlock new opportunities for customer segmentation and personalization. By using filters you can easily group your customers and personalize your communication to boost your marketing efforts. Segment your customers by lifetime value, locations or guests vs registered. Segmentation and personalization can increase your

ShopMagic Customer Coupons

23 fev 2021|

Reward your customers with personalized WooCommerce coupons sent by email. Get coupons in front of your customers right now to drive sales and customer loyalty. Works perfectly with other WooCommerce plugins like Subscriptions, Memberships, or Bookings. Add a personal touch to your coupon codes and make them more human. A unique, personalized coupon will be

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