WooCommerce Cashier

18 out 2023|

Everything to optimize WooCommerce checkout in one plugin. WooCommerce one page checkout, checkout field editor, direct checkout, Buy now buttons, one-click checkout, side cart, frequently bought together and many other enhancements. Stop abandonment before they happen. Create superior checkout flows for customers. Cashier is a single plugin for all major customizations in your sales funnel

WooCommerce Quantity Discounts & Pricing for WooCommerce

14 jul 2023|

WooCommerce quantity discounts plugin allows to create product based discounts as well as cart based discounts. With product based discount rule you can offer discount on products’ quantity ranges or set price per product quantity. It creates a pricing table to set discounts on various quantity ranges, creates multiple rules to set different discount offers

WooCommerce Automatic User Roles Switcher

14 jul 2023|

WooCommerce Automatic User Role Switcher enables you to automatically switch user roles based on various conditions like a specific product purchase, the total order amount, the customer’s total lifetime amount spent, and more. Managing users across different roles enable merchants to offer different pricing, promotions, products, and personalized choices to improve the user experience and

WooCommerce Elementor Connector for WooCommerce Bookings

27 jun 2023|

Ever wished you could let your creative side go wild and design the best-looking bookable product pages in WooCommerce Booking and Elementor? Your booking calendar should match the great looks and feel of the rest of your website. Use Elementor Connector for WooCommerce Bookings to create a matching booking calendar. With Elementor Connector, you have

WooCommerce Google Merchant Center Customer Reviews

16 mar 2023|

O plugin WooCommerce Google Merchant Center Customer Reviews é uma extensão para WooCommerce que permite aos donos de lojas online coletar e enviar avaliações de clientes para o Google Merchant Center. Com este plugin, os clientes que compraram produtos em sua loja WooCommerce serão convidados a deixar avaliações e comentários sobre os produtos que compraram.

WooCommerce Payment Reminder

03 mar 2023|

Payment Reminder for WooCommerce é um plugin que serve para gerenciar os pagamentos pendentes, enviando lembretes automáticos aos clientes que ainda não pagaram pelos produtos ou serviços comprados. O plugin pode ser configurado para enviar lembretes de pagamento em horários específicos, como um dia após a data de vencimento da fatura ou várias vezes antes

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