WP All Import

WP All Export – Gravity Forms Add-On

09 fev 2023|

WP All Export é um plugin poderoso que permite aos usuários do Gravity Forms exportar as entradas do formulário em vários formatos, incluindo CSV, XML e Excel. Com o WP All Export, você pode exportar dados de campos padrão, bem como campos mais complexos, como listas, caixas de seleção, seleções múltiplas e uploads de arquivos.

WP All Import Pro Gravity Forms

28 out 2022|

Support for all Gravity Forms field types with powerful customization options. Set up an import for all of your site's content in the time it takes to create a single post. Import data into Drop Downs, Radio Buttons, File Fields, and more. WP All Import automatically validates and transforms data like dates to match Gravity

WP All Import Pro Toolset Types

06 jan 2022|

Easily drag & drop your import data into any Toolset Types field. Import into Relationship fields, Repeatable Groups, Image fields, Date fields, and more. Full support for multiple instances of fields as well. Support for any data format. No need to manually edit your file. With the ability to drag-and-drop your import elements and numerous

WP All Export – WooCommerce Export Add-On Pro

27 jul 2021|

Drag and drop to create completely custom spreadsheets and XML feeds. Product variations, custom attributes, price and stock, image galleries, categories and tags, custom fields — everything! Drag & drop to rearrange spreadsheet columns, combine data fields, and more. Excel files, CSVs, custom delimiters, etc. Drag & drop to create simple feeds, or build entirely

WP All Export – ACF Export Add-On Pro

23 jul 2021|

Support for all Advanced Custom Fields data types with powerful customization options. Export data from Flexible Content fields, Repeaters, Dates, Relationships, Image Galleries, Google Maps, and more. New ACF fields are added to WP All Export as soon as they come out. Drag & drop to reorder spreadsheet columns, set custom CSV delimiters, combine data

WP All Export – User Add-On Pro

04 jun 2019|

O plugin WP All Export - User Add-On Pro é uma ferramenta útil para quem utiliza o WordPress e precisa gerenciar usuários em massa. Com ele, é possível exportar dados de usuários cadastrados no site em diversos formatos, como CSV, Excel e XML. Além disso, o plugin permite criar novos usuários diretamente na exportação, o

WP All Import Pro User Import

09 maio 2016|

O plugin WP All Import Pro é uma ferramenta poderosa que permite aos usuários importar facilmente dados em seu site WordPress. Com o plugin WP All Import Pro, os usuários podem importar dados de uma ampla variedade de fontes, incluindo arquivos CSV, XML, Excel e Google Sheets. O plugin também permite que os usuários mapeiem

WP All Import Pro WooCommerce

09 maio 2016|

Create an import for thousands of products in minutes. No need to reorganize your data, just drag & drop. Import data into every single WooCommerce product field, from sale price, to custom attributes, to stock status. Import subscriptions, variable products, simple products, affiliate products, and grouped products. Import images from a URL, your computer, or

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