Site admins can send eMail notifications and reminders to the commenters to create a more intimate relationship with the website users. Automatically Remove or Manage links in comments, set minimum time interval or required comment length. Notify a user when their comment is approved or email a commentator directly. Export eMail addresses of all the commentators in CSV to use in your marketing campaign. Redirect to a Page after Comments.

Show All Comments on a single page with shortcode, add a Read More button to long comments and more! Get more out of your blog users. They love your blog and leave comments on your articles. Why not give them the option to subscribe to your newsletter while they are leaving a comment? You can do just that with Comment tools pro. Subscribed users name and emails can be exported as CSV or you can directly integrate with a MailChimp List! You can also use Zapier to integrate with almost any major mailing List platform! Create new Zap on your Zapier Account and connect with this plugin.