Easy Digital Downloads Integration much like the WooCommerce one helps with selling goods but where WooCommerce rather focuses on physical products, EDD goes for the digital goods market. It’s quite amazing. We have been using EDD for over 5 years now and finally got the time to integrate it with PeepSo. One of the problems we’re trying to solve is lack of unity across WordPress when it comes to user profiles. Well, there’s not much of user profiles in WordPress itself to begin with. One of many reasons PeepSo came to be.

With PeepSo we’re trying to have one profile for all possible user needs. Own posts, photos, videos, friends, groups… and now EDD purchase history, downloads, licenses, invoices, subscriptions, billing information and more. I truly believe we got everything covered. On top of that our integration comes with PeepSo Activity Stream posts. Once someone makes a purchase a post is created on the Activity Stream.