The Ignition Framework comes in the form of a standard WordPress plugin. This singular plugin carries all needed functionality to help users create beautiful and flexible WordPress based sites using our themes. Each theme now only handles one thing, the site’s appearance by providing the necessary styling. In the list below you can find a few key aspects handled by the plugin. The fact that the plugin handles pretty much everything apart from styling makes it very easy to incorporate new features, fix bugs and update compatibility with third party plugins easily and very quickly due to the fact that changes need to be made in just one place and then deployed to all framework based themes with a single update.

The Ignition Framework and all themes based on it were built to work seamlessly with the WordPress block editor. Homepages, post type listings, contact pages etc are built using combinations of core and custom blocks. This was done to showcase the editor’s capabilities and to avoid cluttering the themes and the framework with custom templates, custom widgets etc. and to give more flexibility to the user when it comes to the final layout, you don’t have to go with out pre-built design, create one that matches your needs better without having to resort to page builders anymore. Deep integration is provided with our own GutenBee custom blocks plugin which has been upgraded to better cater to our new theme needs. GutenBee’s Post Types block is an great, easy to use and very flexible way to create custom post listings with variable columns, filtering and more.