Quick View for WooCommerce is the easiest way to let your users preview products and improve your conversion rates on your WooCommerce website. Don’t like the quick view button’s default positions? No problem, you can change it in no time. Multiple locations are available. Place it before or after the product thumbnail, among the product meta and before or after the add to cart button. The quick view modal supports all types of WooCommerce products. From simple to variable, grouped and external ones.

The quick view modal features fully functional AJAX add to cart buttons, if you want to buy the product you can do so directly from the quick view screen. Customize both the quick view button and the modal to better match your current theme. Modify the colors for both the normal and hovered state of the button, the content background, text color, rating and more. The appearance of the quick view button can be disabled on mobile devices to avoid cluttering the listing page’s appearance.