Create Stunning Menus with the Best Divi Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress. Improve the user experience of your Divi website with our Divi Mega Menu plugin. Style matters! Our Divi Mega Menu plugin elevates the design of your Divi website by giving you greater control over your menu navigation. Use an image, form, or accordion module within the drop-downs to create interesting submenus that enhance the user experience on desktop and mobile.

Create and customize your mega menu using the section, row and module of the Divi builder. In addition to the standard Divi modules, we have created two extra modules for you to use. They are Mega Drop-Down and Mega Tabs. Mega Drop-Down will display a submenu alongside a parent menu. Mega Tabs allows you to create vertical tabs that change the content to the right when hovered over. Display your Mega Menu as a popup anywhere on a page.