Guten Post Layout Pro is the most powerful plugin you can ever get for building awesome post layouts. You can design your posts’ showcase pages in few clicks. There are thousand of combinations of Grids, Sliders, Lists and Masonry. Just chose a layout and start customizing as you want. Our Guten Post Layout Pro can perform queries in a nanosecond! We made this faster queries in sorting posts on your showcase because we care about your time and we know how stressful to wait while a plugin does not work as expected. You can perform your queries for your Posts, Pages, Blocks, Media or even custom posts! You can query them by Categories or Tags. You can include your posts by ids or exclude them too.

The query orders can be by Date, Title, Menu Order or even Random! Of course you can order them by Descending and Ascending way. We have done our research on our plugin’s setting panels. We came to know lots of things form the outcome of the research. We have implemented our research’s findings on the development of the plugin’s settings panel. We have divided our setting panel into three tabs – Layout, Style and Advanced! And placed the perfect settings with collapsible categorized options on each tabs. Gutenberg editor’s setting panel can never be better than that.