Gecko is a theme designed by PeepSo team for PeepSo plugins. Period. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be used without PeepSo in the picture. With that said, our primary development focus will always be to make your community better in every possible way. If you have any ideas on how to improve Gecko’s compatibility or styling with other plugins, let us know. A great navigation and site header really does make a difference. Especially with community sites. Being asked a lot about how to add notifications to the menu first we went and created the PeepSo UserBar widget. People still had problems with it as 3rd party themes not always have the capacity to place widgets in the header area. At least not easily. With that in mind, Gecko comes with a dedicated Header Widgets position. Place PeepSo UserBar widget there and you’re done. Gecko comes with built-in templates for PeepSo pages. With this release we were able to ship User Profile and Members pages. With the future updates we’ll introduce layout options for: Groups, Messages and more. Definitely will add more layout options to User profile and Members pages too.