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Turn your Gravity Forms submissions into useful content. Gravity Forms collects data. GravityView displays the data. Build useful web apps, with #lowcode or #nocode. Make Views until you float away. There is no limit to how many you can create. Approve each entry before it goes live. If you want to allow all entries, that works too. No need for the admin dashboard: edit the entry in the original Gravity Forms form…and allow users to edit the entries they created.

Display your Gravity Forms entries on a simple but powerful calendar. Display class schedules, business events, personal itineraries, and more. Customize the calendar layout and edit events from the front end. Add an interactive calendar to your website. Display class schedules, business meetings, personal itineraries, and more! Submitting event information doesn’t require a user login – Allow users to submit events through a public form and approve them on the backend.

Set up a new calendar feed in minutes, all you need is a form with a date field. Prefilter events based on conditional logic. Responsive drag and drop functionality allows you to edit the dates and times of events from the front end. Create custom calendar apps to display events, manage projects, keep track of meetings, and more. Subscribe to Gravity Forms calendar feeds from your Google or Apple Calendar and display events by day, week, or month using different layouts.

Have total control over which entries are displayed in a View; filter entries based on conditions that you set – it’s like “conditional logic” in Gravity Forms. Exclude entries that match (or fail to match) certain criteria. The Advanced Filter allows you to filter entries based on multiple conditions (you can use both ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ logic). Add as many filters and conditions as you need! Show entries created by a specific user or filter entries by user role. Display user profiles for your directory or membership site, allow users to edit their own profiles, hide entries created by certain users and more!

Display Gravity Forms entries using Google Maps and build powerful geolocation directories on WordPress. The GravityView Maps Layout allows you to build powerful web apps on top of Google Maps. Create business directories, retail store locators, review-based sites, (like, user-generated content sites and much more! Pins on a map can look messy when they’re too close to each other. With marker clusters, your entries will be displayed as a cluster at different zoom levels. Have many entries with the same address? When multiple markers are in the same location, they will be “spiderfied”, or displayed in a web-like pattern around the location. You choose what type of map to display: Street, Satellite, Hybrid, or Terrain. With dozens more configuration options, you can build exactly the map you need. Customize pin icons, show popup boxes that display additional entry details when clicked, and include Google Maps layers for Traffic, Transit and Bicycles.

Display Gravity Forms data in a live-updating table with extended sorting, filtering and exporting capabilities. Add buttons to your table for exporting entries to CSV, Excel or PDF. You can also print your data; nicely-formatted results look great when printed. Choose which columns to show or hide, making it easy to zoom in and out of the data you want to see. Browse, filter, and sort your Gravity Forms entries in a responsive table the refreshes automatically! Drill down into your form data using powerful filtering tools. DataTables integrates with Math by GravityView to show live-updating calculations in the table footer!

Gravity Forms data sharing, analysis, and reporting have never been easier. Export your Gravity Forms data to Excel, CSV, or PDF using a secure, shareable download link. Automatically send reports to Dropbox, FTP, or local storage. GravityExport allows you to export your Gravity Forms data using a secure, shareable download link. No need to log in or grant admin privileges, simply configure your report and send the URL to whoever needs the data.

Configure automatic exports with minimal fuss. Send data to a local folder, your Dropbox, or an external server using SFTP. Your reports will automatically update as you receive new entries. Data is transferred securely so it won’t slip into the wrong hands. Take advantage of our robust Conditional Logic filters and generate sophisticated reports with a few clicks of your mouse. Set up automatic exports that update as you receive new entries. Install, configure and forget about it!

Import entries from a CSV to Gravity Forms. Migrate sites, move between form plugins, import images, and more! GravityImport is hands down the fastest, and most efficient way to import data into Gravity Forms. Migrate your forms and entries from an existing form plugin like WP Forms, Ninja Forms, or Formidable Forms to Gravity Forms. Simply upload your CSV file, map your fields, and let the importer work its magic.

No form? No problem. Upload your CSV and let the importer automatically create a new form for you in Gravity Forms! Import Entries integrates with other Gravity Forms add-ons allowing you to create posts, users, and even WooCommerce products during the import process! The importer can handle data from any CSV, simply upload your file and map the columns to the correct fields in your form. Import Entries also supports conditional logic, allowing you to import specific entries based on conditions that you set.

It has never been faster or easier to edit Gravity Forms entries. To edit an entry in Gravity Forms normally, you have to click into the entry, modify the fields, click “update” and go back to the entries list. It’s a cumbersome and time-consuming process. With GravityEdit, you can edit entries without having to click “edit” on each one – simply update the entry value and you’re done. Data entry is a necessary but boring job. GravityEdit allows you to get more done by freeing up your precious time to focus on more important tasks. What would normally take you an hour in Gravity Forms will only take you 14 minutes with GravityEdit! Don’t worry about making mistakes or compromising your data. When editing entries using GravityEdit, field validation works as expected.

Using Gravity Forms to collect numerical data? Now you can perform advanced calculations on that data. Display the number of form submissions, calculate the average age of your respondents, build a front-end calculator, display the total amount donated, and more! Your Gravity Forms data is a veritable treasure trove of information, so why let that go to waste? GravityMath integrates with Gravity Forms to help you extract important insights from the data you collect. Build a mortgage calculator, analyze your business data, create product reports, work out the ROI of your marketing campaigns, and more!

Create beautiful charts and graphs using your Gravity Forms data; build data dashboards, create business reports, visualize questionnaire results and more. Take your Gravity Forms entries out of the database and visualize your data with charts. Bolster your decision-making by uncovering valuable business intelligence insights and create beautiful visualizations that update as you receive new entries.

Visualize survey results and questionnaires, display live poll results, create user dashboards and learn more about your customers. Welcome to the ultimate solution for creating Gravity Forms charts and graphs! Sick of those charts that look like they were made in Excel 2008? We are too. GravityCharts visualizations are modern, responsive and beautifully designed. Enjoy a range of customization options, including pre-defined color palettes.

Editing entries in Gravity Forms is a slow and tedious process. Save time with bulk updates! Modify your form entries en masse and streamline your workflow. So you’ve got a bunch of entries in Gravity Forms that need updating? Normally, you’d have to edit each entry one by one. It’s a time-consuming process. With GravityActions, you can increase your productivity by bulk updating hundreds of entries in the blink of an eye! Change orders from “confirmed” to “shipped” en masse, bulk update user registration details, easily correct submissions with errors, and modify multiple field values at the same time! Increase your productivity with this essential addition to your Gravity Forms “stack”.

If multiple people are editing entries, it can be hard to keep on top of your form data. GravityRevisions allows you to track changes made to Gravity Forms entries and easily restore prior versions. View exactly which fields changed, who changed them, and when. When someone makes changes to an entry in Gravity Forms, the previous version of the entry is gone forever and there’s no way to get it back. GravityRevisions adds a meta box to each entry page showing all the changes made to that entry, including who made what changes, and when.

Join data from one or more forms into one, longer entry and display it in a View. The Multiple Forms extension is still in beta, which means we’re working hard to add new features and improve functionality. Let’s say you run a doctor’s practice and you have one form for collecting patient contact details and another form for inputting patient health information. Now you can combine the two into a single entry and display it in a single View (instead of creating two Views). This makes for better clarity, and easier reporting and analysis. Combine data from two (or more!) forms that share common field values. Display all data from form #1, regardless of whether the fields in form #2 have content, or only display entries from form #1 that have values in form #2. Developer-speak: Multiple Forms supports left joins and inner joins. Combine data from different sources and display it on the front end using any GravityView layout type (Table, DataTables, List, Maps and DIY are all supported!).

Build your own GravityView layouts using HTML and CSS; have full control over how your entries are displayed on the front end. GravityView’s List and Table layouts allow you to create amazing designs using nothing but your Gravity Forms entry data. However, those layouts were designed to work well for most needs, not all needs. The DIY layout fills that gap! You no longer have to rely on the Custom Content field to write your own markup. With the DIY layout, you can change the HTML structure by wrapping fields in different HTML tags. Customize your design using CSS, without adding more code than is necessary.

Make it easy for users to filter entries in a View using a list of links from A-Z. Supports multiple languages! Help users navigate your View by adding additional filtering options. Clicking on a letter will filter the View to only show entries beginning with that letter. You can add the A-Z filter to any widget area inside your View and Choose which field to filter by. The Search Bar widget and the A-Z Filter widget work together to help users perform more granular searches.

Allow users to rate, review and comment on entries in a View. Add different rating types and display ratings anywhere on the entry. Allow visitors to your site to rate, review and comment on entries in a View. Allow users to engage with your content by offering their valuable feedback. Perfect for business directories and event listings. Add different rating types to your front end applications. Allow users to rate entries using stars or up/down votes. Ratings are added like a GravityView field, so you can display them wherever you want to. Create a forum and allow users to upvote and downvote topics, add reviews to your restaurant directory, and allow users to comment on upcoming events.

Promote entries by highlighting them and moving them to the top of the search results. Sell premium listings, highlight upcoming events and more. Mark an entry as “featured” in Gravity Forms and it will be highlighted on the front end so it stands out. You can also move featured entries to the top of your View. Running a paid directory? Charge more for a featured listing! Do you showcase events using GravityView? Mark upcoming events as “featured” so your users will never miss out.

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