CobaltApps Simple Sandbox Pro Manager

30 jan 2021|

Full Site Sandboxing, Backups, and Migration made easy!Simple Sandbox Pro provides you with an intuitive solution that makes full site Sandboxing, Backups, and Migration a breeze. Turn any WordPress website into a full-blown sandbox with almost limitless development possibilities. Migrate and entire WordPress powered website in a matter of seconds and with a single URL.

CobaltApps Themer Pro

05 abr 2019|

Your Complete In-Dashboard WordPress ThemeCreating a custom Child Theme is as simple as filling out a few form fields and then letting Themer Pro do the rest. Within seconds you'll have a freshly minted Child Theme right inside your /themes/ directory, ready to be activated! Saying that Themer Pro provides a complete Child Theme editing

CobaltApps Instant IDE Manager

01 out 2018|

Instant IDE provides you with a powerful file manager and editor, along with the essential tools necessary for professional WordPress site and software development. Take full control of your WordPress installation…files, folders, and so much more! All the bells & whistles are there to help you take charge of your server folders. Both basic and

CobaltApps Freelancer DevKit

15 set 2018|

Freelancer DevKit was specifically developed for our own in-house Freelancer Framework theme. This means that it is perfectly tailored around the unique code and functionality found in Freelancer, making it the ideal development tool for those interested in WordPress web design using Freelancer as their foundation. Freelancer is 100% free to download and use so

CobaltApps Extender Pro

31 ago 2018|

The Ultimate Theme Framework Add-OnExtender Pro includes a robust set of Custom Coding & Development tools along with custom template, widget area, & content creation options. Combined with the Front-end DEV Tools and hook mapping tool, Extender Pro is a powerful framework enhancing Plugin! With the Site Preview mode enabled you'll find that the process

CobaltApps Genesis DevKit Plugin

04 maio 2018|

Genesis DevKit is a WordPress Plugin that was specifically developed to provide professional grade Genesis Website customization through hundreds of point-n-click design options, as well as intuitive custom coding tools. It provides the best of both worlds by creating custom Genesis Child Themes using WordPress best practices, while at the same time offering full design

CobaltApps GP Extender

16 ago 2017|

O CobaltApps GP Extender é um plugin popular que adiciona funcionalidades adicionais ao Genesis Framework do WordPress. Ele é um dos muitos produtos oferecidos pela CobaltApps, uma empresa de desenvolvimento de software que se concentra em fornecer ferramentas para desenvolvedores do WordPress. Com o CobaltApps GP Extender, os desenvolvedores podem personalizar facilmente os temas Genesis

CobaltApps Dynamik Skin InspirePress

26 maio 2017|

O plugin CobaltApps Dynamik Skin InspirePress é uma ferramenta de personalização de temas do WordPress que oferece uma ampla gama de recursos e opções. Com o Dynamik Skin InspirePress, é possível criar layouts personalizados, ajustar fontes e cores, adicionar widgets e muito mais, tudo sem escrever uma única linha de código. O Dynamik Skin InspirePress

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