FacetWP Submit Button

19 set 2022|

We often get asked how to show filters on one page (like the homepage) that redirect to a separate results page. This can be done with the Submit Button add-on. This add-on generates a submit button that passes facet data to a secondary page. In order for facets to appear, there needs to be a

FacetWP Multilingual

19 set 2022|

Multilingual support for FacetWP. If you are using WPML, Polylang or Polylang Pro, download and install the Multilingual add-on to integrate your translations with FacetWP. The Multilingual add-on supports normal translations, as well as dynamic strings (e.g. facet placeholder text) via the WPML String Translation plugin. The add-on supports sub-site (fr.mysite.com) and sub-directory (mysite.com/fr/) permalinks,

FacetWP Bricks Builder

19 set 2022|

Integrates FacetWP with Bricks post listings. This add-on lets you add facets to your Bricks Builder “Posts”, “Query Loop“, and archive listings.

FacetWP Hooks

19 set 2022|

A container for custom hooks. Hooks allow us to customize functionality without touching the original codebase. This prevents any code changes from getting lost whenever a plugin and/or theme gets updated. FacetWP provides a wide range of hooks and filters to influence its behavior and filtering results. These hooks and filters can be used directly

FacetWP Recipes

20 out 2021|

O plugin FacetWP Recipes é uma ferramenta que permite a criação de uma pesquisa avançada para o seu site de receitas. Com ele, é possível adicionar campos de busca como ingredientes, tipo de culinária, tempo de preparo, nível de dificuldade e muito mais. Além disso, o plugin utiliza tecnologia AJAX, o que significa que a

FacetWP Pods Integration

04 jun 2019|

O plugin FacetWP Pods Integration é uma extensão para o WordPress que permite integrar o plugin Pods com o FacetWP, oferecendo uma experiência de filtragem e pesquisa ainda mais avançada aos usuários. O Pods é um plugin muito popular para WordPress que permite criar tipos de post personalizados, campos personalizados e relacionamentos, enquanto o FacetWP

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