Our vision was to create a Bricks toolbox that doesn’t feel like a bloated set of external addons. We focus on clean code, a lightweight structure and best practices. Really. We love Bricks! That is why we put all our passion into this project and use it for our own client websites. We are the developers of the Bricks Widget Creator. You can be sure that we know what we are doing. We make sure that every line of code works harmoniously with Bricks. This is noticeable in performance and usability.

Bricks has removed jQuery! Wonderful! Of course we go the same way to offer the best possible performance. An a tag doesn’t need twenty div containers around it. Is there anything more to say about this? The Nestable Elements API is just awesome! We want our elements to be nestable wherever it makes sense! Activate only the features you need for your project. This way, everything remains clear. Make a professional impression by customizing the name and look of Bricksforge to your client’s UI.