Speed up your Divi website with our Divi Nitro Plugin. Give your Divi website that extra boost with our Divi Nitro plugin. Speed matters! Your Divi website needs to load as quickly as possible because speed matters to search engines and customers. There are a few factors that will speed up your Divi website such as the quality of your server and the use of a CDN. While we cannot directly help with these solutions our Divi Nitro plugin has numerous fantastic features that will add an edge to your Divi website giving it that final boost of speed to shoot it over the finish line.

When your customers view your Divi website, their browser loads all visual assets (such as images) in one go. This slows down your website. The good news is that our Divi Nitro plugin fixes this problem by instructing the browser to only load the assets when they are needed. This deferral produces a faster experience for your customer. Your Divi website is made of computer code. Computer code is a language that contains characters such as colons and brackets.

A common problem on many websites is that the code is bloated which slows down its performance. The good news is that our Divi Nitro plugin will strip away unnecessary code and white space from your Divi website through combination and minification improving its speed performance.