What are the WordPress Taxonomies?

Taxonomy is a simple way of organizing data in the WordPress (post, pages, custom post types) by classify and group things. If you played some time with your site, you are already familiarized with the taxonomies usage, just that might not figure out that name. By default Taxonomies are Tags and Categories which are used for posts.As this is a great way to organize everything, implementing custom taxonomy into the WordPress was a necessarily step that the developers already took since version 3.0. Practically using a simple code or even custom plugins you can build any taxonomy structure for your data and take advantage of the new build-in menus to populate the fields.

What Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order can do for me?

The WordPress platform grows exponentially and now become the most famous CMS system which exists freely. No matter the required site structure, WordPress architecture easily allow integration for the best end user experience. Currently there are lots of themes and plugins which you can buy or use for free, most of these take advantage of the WordPress Taxonomies.

In certain situation you need to change the order of appearance for the categories or other taxonomies terms in general, but there’s a lack of support when it come to that matter. The Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plugin helps with that, by showing an additional interface where the Term Taxonomies can be order using a simple jQuery drag and drop interface. So this become a simple task for you in case you need to move around the terms or change the category order to something else.