Post Types Order is a well known plugin, the best of it’s kind, with over 7 Millions downloads since release date. Is a well maintained, bug free plugin.

What are the Post Types?

One of the greatest features introduced by the WordPress developers starting with the 3.0 version is the custom post type. This feature allows users to create a custom content type. That provides an easy way to separate site sections for easier content management. Once again the WordPress developers prove they are inspired, this being a big plus over other available CMS … and it’s getting better.

Why use this plug-in do?

All WordPress users require – at a given time – to change the order of the posts. There are two ways of handling this. One can do that manually, by changing the WordPress Order field with a unique number for each of the posts. That obliviously turn into a nightmare if there are lots of posts. Another way is to use the Post Types Order plug-in, which represents a fast and easy way to update the sorting through a JavaScript drag and drop interface.