Helping WooCommerce store managers generate quality data about purchases on their online stores, Extra Product Options Addon lets users include data from the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin in their reports, with the selected individual fields appearing as columns in the report. Functioning as an extension plugin, Extra Product Options Addon enhances the features of the Export Order Items Pro plugin. With the addon activated, users can choose to include fields created via the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin (also known as TM Extra Product Options).

By default, Export Order Items Pro offers reporting fields that come standard with WooCommerce along with custom fields that it finds in the WooCommerce database. While the data stored by the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin can be found in one of these fields which can be included in reports by the core version of Export Order Items Pro, the Extra Product Options Addon improves the reporting of that data by parsing it into individual report fields. With the Extra Product Options Addon, users can easily add individual fields set up through the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin, thus creating detailed and more customizable reports.