The Frontend Reports for WooCommerce add-on plugin helps businesses display WooCommerce sales reports directly within the frontend of their WordPress website. As opposed to generating a report manually and emailing the report, the Frontend Reports for WooCommerce add-on plugin lets users present a report on the frontend of a website. This is an incredible tool for WooCommerce store managers and webmasters who would like to display sales-related data without any hassle or manual effort.

For example, when used in conjunction with a content restriction plugin, Frontend Reports for WooCommerce can be used to display sales reports to select logged in site visitors without granting access to the WordPress/WooCommerce admin area. In addition to providing an embedded interactivate tabular display of the data with sorting and searching capabilities, the add-on can also be used to provide a download link so that frontend users can download a copy of the report in the format specified in the reporting plugin’s settings.