WholesaleX is the simplest and most complete solution to start wholesaling in WooCommerce. With this single plugin, you will be able to set up and manage B2B or B2B+B2C hybrid stores with ease. Its uniqueness is the simple navigation & user interface without compromising any required features. WholesaleX comes with a comprehensive dynamic rules system, tiered pricing, a dedicated store wallet, a built-in conversation system, and whatnot. You need to tweak some settings here and there, and the B2B store will be ready in no time.

If you want to run a B2B+B2C hybrid store, that’s also possible. WholesaleX consists of mode-changing options of B2B, B2C, and B2B+B2C Hybrid. There is no reason to ignore it. Just get started with WholesaleX, sit back, and see the magic. The Dynamic Rules of WholesaleX is the one-stop solution to set prices and offer discounts globally. In addition to that, you can also control shipping zones and methods.