SupportCandy Automatic close tickets

15 out 2022|

Have you ever got in a situation that your customer didn't bother getting back to your replies? You may wish to remind them about the ticket are waiting for their reply. If the customer does not get back even after a reminder, close the ticket after x number of days! This is a common thing

SupportCandy Export Ticket

30 jul 2022|

This add-on enables the CSV export functionality of the tickets. It exports all fields available for the ticket list (even it is not set in the list) but not others like attachments, description, replies, etc. Export all tickets based on the current filter set in the ticket list so that if you want only particular

SupportCandy Canned Reply

30 jul 2022|

There are times when customers ask the same questions again and again. This add-on makes your life easier by enabling you and your agent the ability to save replies and use it later on by just one click later on. It adds canned reply link just below a description for agents. It opens a modal

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